About Friendly Wisdom

Hi, I’m David Wang the founder of Friendly Wisdom. I started Friendly Wisdom to provide readers with the information I wish I had when I started out as a programmer and the information that I’m learning everyday to improve my life and myself as an engineer.

I’ve had the opportunity to do a little bit of everything as a software engineer. I’ve been a freelancer, software contractor, small business owner, startup CTO and full time engineer. I’ve had the opportunity to work on small gigs all the way to managing million dollar projects. There are tricks that i’ve learned along the way that have helped me have fun and learn, all the while providing for myself and my family.

If you’re looking for a very technical blog on how to implement various things, you won’t find it here (go to stackoverflow!). I may write a few technical tutorials in the future, but this site was really created to share of the non-technical aspects of the life of an engineer.

Some things I plan to cover are really around the soft skills necessary to succeed as an engineer: how to work with others, dealing with social situation, dealing with your fears and insecurities as an engineer. One thing I’ve learned is that the baseline is having technical skills, and that success in life and work require knowledge that isn’t covered in schools or on tech blogs.

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